Predict What Your Baby Will Look Like

The AI Baby Generator utilizes artificial intelligence to predict the potential appearance of your baby. The AI Baby Generator requires photos of the parents, and within seconds, it generates a hyper-realistic image depicting what their baby might look like.

Predict Your Future Baby's Appearance, Step by Step.

1. Upload a baby picture.

Open Remaker's Face Merge tool.

Select a baby picture as the base image, upload a baby picture of your choice, or use the sample image on the right. (Right-click on the image to save it locally, then proceed with the upload.)

2. Merge Dad's Photo with Baby's Image

Upload a photo of Dad, click 'swap' to seamlessly combine Dad's photo with the baby's picture.

Download the merged image after the face swap to use it as the original image for the next step in the process.

3. Combine Face with Mom

Use the face-swapped image of the baby and dad as the source picture, upload the photo of Mom as the destination picture, and click 'Swap'.

Download the resulting image after the face swap to serve as the original image for the subsequent step in the process.

4. Create Future Baby's Image

Start with the image merged with Mom as the source, the baby's picture as the target, click 'Swap,' and witness the synthesis of your future baby's photo.

More Than Just a Baby Predictor

AI baby generator also allows you to envision the offspring of you and your celebrity crush. You can have fun exploring baby prediction pictures of you and your favorite iconic stars.

Once you have your future baby pictures, you can download and share them online. Unveil your future baby’s face with the best AI baby generator.