How to make Face swap image to video | Remaker AI

Easy convert your photos into videos using RemakerAI's free image to video converter. Through this feature, we have a new way of playing on social media. We can use any image to convert it into a dynamic video and post it on social media, making it more enjoyable. Below, I will share some usage tips for Remaker AI's image to video.

Use Remaker AI Image To Video to make pouring water video

Firstly, we need to obtain an image of the water first. We can use Bing Image Creator to generate the image. Below is the prompt I used: Create a 3D image that showcases the real scene of water pooling from a bottom into a glass, emphasizing the details of the water flowing downwards So we obtained the following image.

Next, we will use Remaker AI's Image To Video to generate dynamic videos

When using the Image to video function, we only need to upload the image to be converted and set the Motion intensity, where the larger the Motion intensity, the greater the motion amplitude of the video. The following is the converted video.

Bing Image Creator + Remaker AI Face Swap and Image To Video get my face video

Through the above operation, we have successfully converted the image of Bing Image Creator into a video. Next, we can go further and use Bing to generate a very cool image, replace it with our own face, and convert it into a video. Let's give it a try! Here is the prompt: Create a 3D image of a young man wearing Iron Man's armor, lifting his right hand to prepare for firing a laser cannon, with his face facing towards the camera. 4K, realistic, photo.

Here is Bing Image Creator's images

Next, we use Remaker AI Face Swap to swap faces in images. This is the original image and the converted image

Finally, we use Remaker AI Image to Video to convert images into videos!


The above are some gameplay options for Bing Image Creator, Image To Video, and Face Swap. If you're interested, try them out now. Here are the entry links for the three tools.