Extension Privacy Policy


These terms outline the usage of browser extensions provided by Remaker AI, hereinafter referred to as "the Provider". The Provider operates and hosts the service, referred to as "the Service".

By installing or registering for the Service, you referred to as "the Client", are agreeing to abide by the following Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement. If the Client disagrees with any portion of this Agreement, they are unable to use the Service.

By downloading, installing, and/or utilizing the browser extensions, the Client is bound to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement. If the Client objects to any aspect of this Agreement, they cannot use the Service.

The Provider reserves the right to change these practices, and any changes will be prominently displayed on our website. It is recommended that the Client regularly reviews the privacy policy when visiting our site to ensure a clear understanding of how their information will be used.

Downloading the browser extension

We do not gather or maintain any personally identifiable information about you.

We do not require access to your IP address, browser information, or any information about your computer's operating system to provide the browser extension's functionality.

In the future, we may collect anonymous statistics regarding the usage of the browser extension, such as the frequency of options usage and other related activities within the extension. These statistics will be used to enhance our service and produce reports on aggregate web usage.

The Provider values privacy and security, and will not store or transmit any personal information. We will not attempt to identify users by analyzing web usage data.

Data sharing

The Provider will not disclose specific data details to third parties or the public unless legally obligated to do so. If the Client wishes to stop the collection of data by the browser extension, they can uninstall it or use private browsing mode, which automatically disables the extension.

If a user chooses to share a conversation, only the questions and answers from the conversation will be stored and published on our website. The Provider will not collect or save any other data, including personal data such as the name, surname, and profile picture of the user.


Our website address is: https://remaker.ai

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The extensions from Remaker AI are independent projects and are not affiliated with or endorsed by OpenAI, Midjourney or anyother companies.