AI Face Swap for Videos and GIFs Online Free

Easily swap faces in videos and GIFs using our deepfake video maker with a few clicks. Start creating now!

What can you do with AI Video Face Swap?

remaker video face swap-social media content

Social Media Content

Create funny and engaging videos for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

remaker video face swap-GIF face swap

GIF face swap

Easily swap faces in your GIFs with our seamless and fun deepfake GIF tool.

remaker video face swap-film and TV production

Film and TV Production

Change face in video to create special effects or replace actors seamlessly.

remaker video face swap-memes face swap

Memes face swap

Generate viral content by creating hilarious face swap memes.

remaker video face swap-advertising


Develop unique and eye-catching ads by swapping faces with popular personalities.

remaker video face swap-personal projects

Personal Projects

Use face swapping for personal video projects, family videos, or to surprise friends.

How to use Video Face Swapper?

Upload Your Video

Upload the video you wish to edit. Remaker supports a wide range of video formats to ensure compatibility.

Upload Replacement Face

Upload a photo containing the face you wish to use. Make sure the face is clear for the best results.

Crop Your Video

Utilize the cropping tool to focus on the specific parts of the video you want to swap faces in.

Generate Face Swap Video

Click the button to generate your face swap video. AI will swap faces for a realistic effect.

Export Result Video

Once satisfied with the result, export your video and share it with your audience.

FAQ About AI Video Face Swap

Got any question about AI Video Face Swap? We've got answers.

A deepfake is a synthetic media created using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to produce highly realistic but fake images, videos, or audio.
Start by uploading the video you want to edit. Next, upload a clear photo of the replacement face. Use the cropping tool to focus on specific video parts for the face swap. Click the button to generate the face swap video. Finally, export and share your video once satisfied.
Yes, video face swap is legal as long as it is used ethically and does not infringe on any copyrights or privacy laws.
Remaker uses advanced AI algorithms to ensure highly accurate and realistic face swaps.
Yes, Remaker platform is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on smartphones and tablets.
Remaker supports a wide range of video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more.
Processing time varies depending on video length and resolution, but Remaker is optimized for fast performance.
Absolutely. Remaker employs robust security measures to protect your data and privacy.
Sorry, to ensure generation speed, video face swap is exclusive to VIP users. Purchase any credits can become VIP permanently.