AI Video Background Remover: Remove Video Background Online

Effortlessly remove video backgrounds with our advanced AI Video Background Remover. Create stunning, professional videos without the hassle of green screens.

Why Use AI Video Background Remover?

Content Creation

Enhance your vlogs, tutorials, and social media posts with dynamic, eye-catching backgrounds, making your content stand out.

AI Video Background Remover-content creation
AI Video Background Remover-marketing videos

Marketing Videos

Create engaging promotional videos with custom backgrounds that reflect your brand, making advertisements more appealing and professional.


Showcase products with clear, distraction-free backgrounds, highlighting product details and making them more attractive to potential buyers.

AI Video Background Remover-ecommerce
AI Video Background Remover-film production

Film Production

Facilitate post-production by easily change video background in scenes without the need for green screens.

Game Streaming

Create an immersive streaming experience by placing yourself in different virtual environments without needing a physical green screen.

AI Video Background Remover-game streaming

How to Remove Background from Video?

Upload Your Video

Start by uploading your video to our platform.

Automatic Background Removal

Our AI processes the video, removing the background automatically.

Preview and Download

Review the result and download your video with a clean background.

FAQ About AI Video Background Remover

Got any question about AI Video Background Remover? We've got answers.

A tool that uses AI technology to automatically remove backgrounds from videos, making it easier to replace them with new backgrounds.
You can upload your video to our platform where the AI will remove the background at no cost for a limited number of uses.
Yes, our AI technology is capable of removing backgrounds from videos without the need for a green screen, making the process simpler and more accessible.
No, our advanced algorithms ensure that the video quality remains intact after the background is removed, providing a seamless and high-quality result.
Our tool can handle videos of various lengths, but for optimal performance and faster processing times, we recommend keeping your videos under 30 minutes.
We prioritize your privacy and security. All uploaded videos are processed in a secure environment and deleted after background removal is complete.
Yes, our video background remover is perfect for creating professional videos for commercial use, including marketing, advertising, and content creation.