October 27th, 2023

🔨 Feature improvements

The Featured model options have been adjusted, and the original
【Realistic V2】model name has been changed to【Beauty】.

A coupon usage sample image and tutorial entry have been added to the
Pricing pop-up.

Optimize history editing function, fixed seeds will not be imported during editing.

October 20th, 2023

🔨 Feature improvements

Added a Limited-Time 20% discount coupon for New User. 

Adjusted the highest tier recharge prices and gold coins.

Improved the presentation of the 【pricing】 button.

Added a【Login】button on top-right corner for new user.

September 27th, 2023

🎉 Big Update

Added【Midjourney】model (official version), available for VIP users.

Enhanced the quality and image resolution of【General】model.

Added model category tabs, categorized as Featured, Style, and 
General models for users to quickly find their desired model.

Added【VIP】permission, you can unlocking VIP with any payment.

Refined UI details for image interaction and image detail pop-up.

September 12th, 2023

🎉 Big Update

Added the【SDXL】and【Disney】models.

Streamlined generation options by removing less useful options.

Added a【Try It】feature to provide prompts for user reference.

Added【Guidance Scale】option for specify impact level of prompt.

Optimized the display style of advanced parameters by collapsed.

August 25th, 2023

🔨 Feature improvements

Enhanced the interface of the【Redraw】function

Improved the smoothness of redrawing and smudging operations.

Optimized interactive prompts for the【Redraw】function.

Fixed a bug causing the【Redraw】to fail in regenerating images.

August 3rd, 2023

🎉 Big Update

Added【Gold Coin】system; generating images consumes a certain
amount of gold coins.

Added a time-limited【Daily Check-in】feature; users can get coins 
by completing daily check-ins during the event.

Added a【Rewards for Review】feature; users can earn gold coins 
afterleaving a positive review.

Optimized the default【Language】option to display the 
right language based on the user's browser language.

Added a【Delete】function to the generation history.

Added a【Feedback】button in the top-right corner, allowing users
to easily submit feedback or suggestions.