How To Generate AI Lunar New Year 2024 Family Portrait | Bing DALL-E-3 + Remaker AI

Is the 2024 Lunar New Year coming soon, Are you ready for a family portrait? Are you still worried about not being able to take a beautiful family portrait? Or is it because a family member is absent and unable to take photos? Below, I will use AI to help you solve these problems. Just provide photos of each member to create beautiful family portraits of the Lunar New Year. Let's give it a try!

Generate Lunar New Year 2024 Family Portrait Template By Bing's DALL-E-3

Firstly, we need to use Bing Image Creator to create some family portrait templates. Writing AI prompts may be more difficult for everyone. Below, I will provide some edited Bing AI prompts and AI generated images, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

Prompt1: A family of five, including a 60-year-old grandma and grandpa, a 30-something mom and dad, and a 10-year-old daughter, are sitting around a beautifully decorated table, with New Year's Eve dinner spread out on it. The environment is a comfortable living room with red lanterns and couplets hanging on the walls.

Prompt2: Create a 3D photo of a family with Asian faces, including a mother, father, and 10-year-old son, flying Kongming lanterns together at night. The faces of the three people are facing the camera while watching the lanterns take off. Realistic faces and realistic scenes.

Prompt3: A young European couple dressed in red stood in the midst of the bustling Spring Festival temple fair. They held a sign in English that read "Happy Lunar New Year". High resolution photos.

Prompt4: Create a picture of a family of three sitting on a sofa in the living room, including a father and mother and ten years old daughter. they hold a sign with the words "Happy Lunar New Year" in English , and the wall behind the sofa is covered with decorations from the Lunar New Year. High definition photos

Tips: Bing DALL-E is currently not good at drawing text in pictures or achieving high-definition photo effects. If you want to achieve better results, you can try the Ai Art Generator function of Remaker AI and use the Midjourney model. The above prompt1 and prompt2 are generated by Bing DALL-E-3, while prompt3 and prompt4 are generated by Remaker AI Art Generator. It is obvious that the results of Remaker AI are more realistic, but Remaker AI's processing time is longer. Bing is faster and free. When generating template pictures, choose according to your own needs.

Use Family Photos Face Swap To AI Lunar New Year 2024 Family Portrait

After selecting the required template images, we can use Remaker AI's Multiple Faces Swap function to create family photos into the template images. All we need to do is prepare clear photos of the family's faces. First, upload a template photo in the function, and the AI will automatically recognize the face and provide a replacement function for the corresponding face. Upload a family photo to replace the corresponding template face, and click the button to get the desired family portrait. The following photo is a family portrait I made using the facial photos of the male and female leads Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider Man. If you're interested, let's make it together.

Easter egg : Using The Image To Video Function To Turn AI Family Portrait Into Dynamic Videos

After creating an AI family portrait through Multiple Faces Swap, you can directly click the Image To Video button to generate the image into a video through AI. The following is the effect of Kong Mingdeng moving.