RemoveAny – Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser

Introduce you to a practical watermark removal free AI tool - RemoveAny, which utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide efficient and convenient image processing functions. Not only can you remove watermarks from pictures, but also remove unwanted parts, redraw images, realize lossless enlargement of pictures, and have the functions of saving history and generating previews of pictures.

Installation Steps

Here are the plug-in links for Chrome and Edge, so you can install them according to your usage habits.

Take Chrome as an example:

1. Open the link and click "Add to Chrome",and then click "Add Extension"

Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser1
Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser2

2. Find the extension's icon in the top right corner of your browser, click on it to find the Remaker AI plugin, click on the eye icon and the Remaker AI logo will appear next to the extension, then click on the icon to go directly to the website.

Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser3

Interface and Function Introduction

Home Page

When you open the homepage of the plugin, the box on the top left is the upload image area, the bottom is the drawing area, and the right is the history area, which can save nearly 50 history records.

Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser4

Function introduction

Eraser tool

The default eraser size is 30, and you can adjust the value according to the size of the smeared area. The smeared picture will show red block, after finishing the smearing, click Redraw, and the redrawn and repaired picture will appear in the history window on the right.

Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser5


Each time the blue repaint button is pressed, two repainted images are displayed in the history area. At this point the two rocks that were painted disappear, basically fixing the picture perfectly, and we can save the picture by clicking on the download icon. If you are not satisfied with any of the images, click the redraw button, the drawing area will continue to display the image that needs to be redrawn, so we can continue to use the eraser to smear the excess content, and then redraw this function is suitable for the picture to remove the watermark of the fine adjustments.

Lossless amplification

The non-destructive zoom feature offers default size and custom size options.

Free AI Image Watermark Remover and Object Eraser6

The above is all the introduction of interface and basic functions, you can try it free now! 

FAQ about AI for removing watermarks

Q1: What is AI watermark removal?
A1: AI watermark removal is a technique that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically remove watermarks from images, photos, or videos, which typically include brand logos, text, or graphics in a semi-transparent overlay.

Q2: Why would I want to remove a watermark?
A2: People may wish to remove watermarks to enhance the visual appeal of an image or because they want to use the image without displaying the watermark. However, it's essential to be aware that removing watermarks can potentially infringe upon copyrights or legal regulations, and the specific laws vary by region.

Q3: Is AI watermark removal legal?
A3: The legality of watermark removal depends on various factors and may vary by region. In some cases, removing watermarks may infringe upon copyright or trademark laws. Before using AI watermark removal, it is important to understand local legal regulations and obtain the necessary permissions.

Q4: How is the quality of AI watermark removal?
A4: The quality of AI watermark removal depends on the algorithms and tools used, as well as the quality of the input image. Some advanced AI tools can provide excellent results, but they may still produce errors in complex images.

Q5: What tools or services are available for AI watermark removal?
A5: There are several AI watermark removal tools and services available on the market, such as Adobe Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill and specialized watermark removal tools. There are also online services and applications that utilize AI for watermark removal.

Q6: How do I choose the right AI watermark removal tool or service for me?
A6: When selecting a tool or service, consider factors such as the complexity of the image, the desired quality of watermark removal, and the legality of the process. It is also advisable to review user ratings and recommendations to ensure you choose the right tool.

Q7: Is AI watermark removal always 100% accurate?
A7: Not necessarily. While some AI tools can offer excellent watermark removal results, there may still be errors in certain situations, particularly in complex images.

Q8: Can I use AI watermark removal to restore damaged images?
A8: AI watermark removal is primarily intended for removing watermarks, not for repairing damaged images. Restoring damaged images may require other image restoration tools.

Q9: Can I use AI watermark removal for commercial purposes?
A9: Using AI watermark removal for commercial purposes requires careful consideration because most images are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Using AI watermark removal for commercial purposes may require obtaining permission or adhering to legal regulations.