How to Restore Old Photos Step-by-Step Using Photo Remaker AI Plugin

The viral old photo restoration technology that's taking the internet by storm, teaching you how to use it step by step -Photo Remaker

In today's rapidly evolving world of large language models and various AI applications, I have finally made up my mind to digitize all the paper-based film photos from the physical albums of the previous generation. I want to take advantage of this moment while these old photographs haven't completely yellowed, faded, or suffered from moisture, sticking together, or damage, so that I can undergo a thorough AI restoration process. My goal is to ensure that these precious memories can be preserved for a much longer time.

The next challenge is how to choose a suitable AI restoration tool. Based on past experience and recent popularity, the editor has selected one excellent plugin to recommend to you - PhotoRemaker.

PhotoRemaker is a completely free embedded AI old photo restoration tool. As a plugin, it is lightweight and easy to use. Start using it right away to experience the best AI-driven old photo restoration tool! The editor has placed the link below for you~


Edge:PhotoRemaker - 人工智能老照片修复工具 - Microsoft Edge Addons

Installation steps


Edge:PhotoRemaker - 人工智能老照片修复工具 - Microsoft Edge Addons

Take chrome as an example:

  1. 打开链接后点击 “添加至chrome”

  1. Open the link and click "Add to chrome"

  1. In the top-right corner of your browser, find the extension and open it. Locate the PhotoRemaker plugin, click on the pin, and you'll see the PhotoRemaker icon next to the extension. Click on that icon to directly access the website.

Lnterface introduction

The entire interface is clean and clear, with the image display area on the left and the history record area on the right.
The photo restoration function includes facial repair and facial coloring.
The history record area can store up to 50 records, which can be downloaded and enlarged, ensuring you never lose your files again.

How awesome is this plugin, really! It's not just the editor hyping it up; I'm going to test it right away.

First set of test images: Individual and group photos (close-up shots)

  • Test 1: Teresa Teng

This is a screenshot of Teresa Teng from a television program. The restoration of this image is quite good, including the hair and earrings. Do you think it looks like the real Teresa Teng?

  • Test 2 : Jay Chou

The original picture of Jay Chou's childhood is quite blurry and contains a lot of noise. After restoration, the facial features have been restored, but the texture of the clothing has not been fully recovered.

We decided to add some color to this photo and see how it turns out~ The skin tone restoration looks very natural, and the clothing colors are also very pleasant.

Second set of test images: Multiple individuals (group photo)

  • Test 1: A moderately blurry group photo of four people

The effect of the group photo with multiple people is still slightly lacking. The facial features of the individuals can be restored to a basic level of clarity, and they appear relatively harmonious. However, the restoration of hair and clothing has not been addressed. This could be due to the plugin's limitation, focusing primarily on facial restoration.

Test 2: A highly blurry group photo of multiple people

The faces in this image are significantly blurry, and the AI has leveraged its imagination to fill in the details. The individuals in the mid-ground are also mostly restored to clarity, and the texture of their clothing is clearly visible. Achieving such results is very impressive and well done.

Overall, whether it's the restoration of faces in individual or group photos or the black and white colorization of images, Photo Remaker has achieved commendable results. Although it can't bring back the past, download the plugin now and digitize all the paper-based film photos from your previous generation's physical albums.

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section, and the editor will select thoughtful responses to receive exquisite gifts.