DiffusionDraw – AI Drawing Tool With Text and Image Generation

Hi, I will take you to explore DiffusionDraw, a practical AI tool. It is an AI drawing tool based on Stable Diffusion, and supports various functions such as generate images from text, generate images from images and non-destructive zooming in of pictures. It can also help you get more creative inspiration, so let’s take a look.

Installation Steps

Here are the plug-in links for Chrome and Edge, and you can install them according to your usage habits.

Take Chrome as an example:

  1. Open the link and click "Add to Chrome"
  2. Select "Add extension"
  3. Find the extension (puzzle icon) in the upper right corner of the browser, open it and find the DiffusionDraw plug-in, click the pushpin, and the DiffusionDraw icon will appear next to the extension, click the icon to go directly to the website.

Interface and Function Introduction

Home Page

  • Left area: toolbar; Middle area: image generation area; Right area: historical message records;
  • Click the red finger-guided button on the upper right to see a demo video.

Function introduction

  • Painting
    • model selection
      • There are currently 8 types of models to choose from, and the realistic ones will have better effects when applied to characters. You can choose a general model for still life and other scenes.
    • text description
      • The text description area can support Chinese and English. After we put an English keyword into it, open the weight setting, and the following will automatically distinguish each keyword for us. Click the "+" symbol to increase the weight of a keyword, the more clicks, the greater the weight.
    • spell generator
      • Click on the spell generator next to the text description, and we can enter another page, where there will be various types of keyword choices. When we have no inspiration, we can use this function to assist ourselves in writing text, and at the same time support the conversion between Chinese and English.
    • image type
      • Everyone chooses the type of picture according to their own needs to help AI achieve the effect you want more accurately.
    • reference image
      • Click the selected area to upload a local picture, and the style of the generated picture will be close to the reference picture.
    • Image size
      • The image size provides three types of size ratio options: square image, long image and wide image.
    • advanced settings
      • Advanced settings can enter the content that you don't want to appear on the screen in the dialog box. The preset template can exclude low-quality pictures, exclude strange limbs and exclude low-quality pictures and strange limbs.
  • Redraw
    • Divided into erase and smudge repaint areas
      • Here is an introduction to the smudge redraw function, click or drag to upload a picture, you can adjust the size of the brush next to it, smear the part you want to redraw, enter the redraw command, and AI will automatically recognize and redraw a new picture.

The above is the introduction of all the interfaces and basic functions. Next, I will attach some pictures generated by DiffusionDraw.