BG Remaker – Efficient E-Commerce Image Editing with AI

Recently, designers in the circle are using Amway’s online free image matting software, which can quickly and accurately matte images, provide a large number of background images, and generate exquisite e-commerce main images in seconds, reduce shooting costs, and improve designers’ output. The efficiency of the picture, at this moment, the photographer fainted from crying in the bathroom.

installation steps

This plug-in is BG Remaker, the link is placed below, and you can install it according to your browser preferences.

Take chrome as an example:

  1. Open the link and click "Add to chrome"

  1. Select "Add extension"

  1. Find the extension in the upper right corner of the browser, open it and find the BG Remaker plug-in, click the pushpin, and the BG Remaker icon will appear next to the extension, click the icon to go directly to the website.


  1. Home page
    1. The whole UI interface is simple and clear, the language in the upper right corner supports switching between Chinese and English, which is very friendly to us.
    2. The background elimination has subdivided the portraits and objects, which is very considerate and pays attention to the subtle processing of hair strands.
  2. Interface display area
    1. Picture display area
      • The function distribution of the entire interface is clear and clear, with background replacement on the left, picture effect display in the middle, and history records on the right.

      • Our pictures are cosmetics. Select the item to cut out and upload the picture. When the similarity between the product color and the background color is so high, the cutout product has a complete shape and the effect is good.

      • Move the blue frame to zoom in and zoom out the product, and with the aid of reference lines, it can be aligned with the center of the screen.

      • On the left are zoom in, download and edit functions. The size of the picture can be customized, and there are conventional ratios such as 1:1, 3:4, and 9:16 to choose from.

      • On the left are zoom in, download and edit functions. The size of the picture can be customized, and there are conventional ratios such as 1:1, 3:4, and 9:16 to choose from.

    1. Left sidebar built-in background and editing settings
      • The background settings include picture background, solid color background, and AI background change.
        • Picture background
          • You can customize the uploaded background, and the plug-in itself has 100+ indoor and outdoor scenes to choose from.

        • Solid color background
          • You can customize the color selection, there are RGB, HSLA, HEX, 3 color models to choose from, and you can also adjust the transparency, which is really considerate.

          • 自带20种热门色号,随意切换。

        • Ai change background
          • You can customize the scene style, elements, and hue of the screen, write description words in the input field, and click Generate.
          • The plug-in also comes with indoor and outdoor templates for selection, and can also modify the prompts of the system templates, which is flexible.

      • Edit settings built-in Insert, Template, Element, Layer panels.
        • Insert
          • Vector graphics such as pictures and SVG can be inserted
        • Template
          • Set up a main image template dedicated to e-commerce, which can replace pictures and text, adjust the screen size, and also configure the size specifications of social media pictures such as Xiaohongshu, instagram, and facebook. Quickly generate graphics and texts for communication in various media.

        • element
          • It contains text styles, graphics, and a large number of cartoon graphics to choose from.

          • Equipped with quick navigation, providing free shooting background images, scene images, and color references
        • layers
          • Provide picture editing function to quickly adjust the front and back relationship of screen elements.
    1. The right column is the history
      • It can save 50 operation records, and can further download, enlarge and modify.

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Experience feeling

The BG Remaker plug-in function covers the early cutout to background replacement and main picture production. It is a very comprehensive e-commerce tool. It is very worthwhile for companies or designers with small budgets and great demand for scenes. Amway's, the point is still free! Hope this tutorial is helpful to you and improve your work efficiency.